Publisher: Bloomsbury

Victorian orphan Blanche hates Christmas because she doesn’t have anyone to share it with - but when a mysterious old woman gives her a bauble with a strange vision of a snowy, bright world inside it, she is set off on the path to creating Christmas as we know it. On the way, she finds new friends, an enormous, dancing Christmas tree, a group of magical elves all called Carol, and completely fails to persuade the world that girls invented Christmas!

Fans of Sibéal Pounder’s energetic, anarchic humour will love this unique take on the origin of Christmas. There’s a strong feminist backbone to the story and lots of familiar Christmas characters and tropes are given hilarious new twists. This is a refreshingly girl-centred take on Christmas that would make a fabulous stocking-filler for children aged 8 and above to devour on Christmas morning.

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