Publisher: Little Tiger Group

In this lively and uplifting picture book, we follow Timmy, whose pronouns are they/them. Timmy loves to perform. Whether it’s dancing around in spangly costumes or singing along to songs at the top of their voice, Timmy just can’t get enough. But there’s a catch, and it’s a rather big catch…Timmy has never performed in front of an audience. They are afraid of the limelight and very timid, so much so that an inner shy lion follows them around pretty much everywhere.

When Timmy learns about the upcoming school play, they long to be a part of it but can’t imagine how they’ll ever be able to shake off the shy lion. Soon though, Timmy learns that they are not the only person to experience shyness. Their seemingly confident classmate Nia has felt the same way and offers some advice to Timmy to help tame their lion before the school play…

This is a brilliantly helpful book to read with children who may be experiencing shyness, anxiety or struggling with their confidence. It offers a hopeful reminder of the power of friendship and self-compassion to overcome our fears. There’s a lovely contrast between the book’s themes of timidity and quietness and its vibrant illustrations which are loud, bold and as dazzling as Timmy aspires to be. We particularly love all the colours that can be seen in the lion’s mane!

Mae Timmy, sydd â'r rhagenwau eu/nhw, wrth eu bodd yn perfformio. Ond mae yna un peth annisgwyl....dydy Timmy erioed wedi perfformio o flaen cynulleidfa. Maen nhw'n ddihyder iawn, cymaint felly fel bod llew swil mewnol yn eu dilyn nhw o gwmpas.

Pan mae Timmy'n clywed am y sioe ysgol sydd ar ddigwydd, dydyn nhw ddim yn gallu dychmygu sut y byddan nhw'n gallu cael gwared ar y llew swil. Ond yn fuan, mae Timmy'n dysgu nad nhw ydy'r unig rai sy'n teimlo'n swil – a bod yna ffyrdd i'w feistroli.

Llyfr hynod ddefnyddiol i'w ddarllen gyda phlant sydd o bosibl yn teimlo'n swil, sy'n orbryderus neu sy'n dioddef o ddiffyg hyder.

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