Time for a Nap

Publisher: Sterling

Little bunny has a busy week. There’s shopping on Monday, the park on Tuesday, story time at the library on Wednesday and chores on Thursday and Friday. But everyday there is nap time.

Even at the weekends, when it’s time to relax, nap time starts with nap-time kisses. Naps are in the pram, on a chair, in a bed or even in a hug. Some days, bunny doesn’t want to nap but when the nap is done, it’s time for fun!

This sweet rhyming text about the tricky business of napping keeps the tone light and manages to avoid being judgemental throughout. Napping is an obstacle that each family approaches differently so it’s a nice touch that the nap doesn’t happen every day, and that when it does, it can be in all different places.

The illustrations are cute and colourful with clear text that might encourage very early readers. The bouncy rhyme is fun and memorable and could easily become part of the routine at home: ‘What time is it? Time for a nap!’

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