Tiger, Tiger, Time to Take a Bath

Publisher: Campbell Books


Have you got dirt behind each ear? Then take a bath, like Tiger here! The rhyming text in this short, brightly illustrated book encourages young children to think about the different ways animals – and people – can keep clean, tidy and healthy.

Each page has a slot that can be moved to make Tiger scrub his back, Elephant blow his nose, and so on. There is an onomatopoeic word on each page (such as "Scrub"!), which adds an extra level of activity.

The paper engineering is simple and resilient enough for older babies and toddlers to use themselves, and helps them to feel a sense of achievement, as well as being plenty of fun.

This would be a useful first book for nurseries, as well as individual carers, to explore the subject of hygiene and self-care. 

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