This Book is Not a Bedtime Story

Publisher: Pavilion

Fluffy ‘Terror’ McFluff is the world’s scariest monster and this book is far too scary for a bedtime story! Or is it?

Fluffy’s gang of cuddly animal friends follow him obligingly through the book, but they’re not convinced by his claim to be scary. Scowling, growling Fluffy leads you into a haunted house, but his unhelpful mates are right behind him, pointing out that the ‘ghost’ is a friend wearing a sheet. A young reader quickly learns that all the ‘scary’ bits will be undermined by Fluffy’s friends, who insist in seeing right through all his attempts to scare them.

This book will satisfy the brave young reader who wants to be old enough for a ‘scary’ book but at the same time wants a nice, comforting bedtime story. There’s a smart, subtle message about defusing fear with laughter, and parents will also enjoy the humour.

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