There’s A Monster in Your Book

Publisher: Puffin

Uh-oh… There’s a cute little blue monster stuck in this book! You might need to shake the book to get him out. No? Maybe you could tilt the book from left to right, but he’s hanging on with all his might. Perhaps if you shout very loudly, you can make him disappear. But, on second thought, perhaps it’s better for cute little monsters to stay in books and not roam around bedrooms…

This is a fantastically fun interactive book that parents and little ones will love. Moving the book around in a variety of ways, making noises and then, finally, stroking the little monster until he goes to sleep is a great way to get adults and kids looking at books as fun objects as well as stories to read quietly. The noisy fun is a great way to get rid of the last fidgets before settling down for the night.

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