The Zebra’s Great Escape

Publisher: Bloomsbury

One evening, Mink is swinging in the park when a long tongue licks some snot from her nostril. It’s a baby zebra, and he needs help. When they press their foreheads together, Mink sees colours in her head. The colours make pictures, and the zebra tells her that his parents were snatched up and taken away by an evil man with shiny boots and a thin smile.

Mink knows she has to help Gabriel the zebra. But how? He can’t live in her bedroom forever, cosy as it is. She chats to the neighbour’s dog, and soon a chain of animals is passing on the urgent message to look out for two zebras in a cage. Will they find Gabriel’s parents in time?

With echoes of 101 Dalmatians and its sequel, The Starlight Barking, this is a modern classic in the making. Award-winning author Katherine Rundell showcases her trademark adventurous storytelling and huge warmth, while the stunning illustrations by Sara Ogilvie pack the pages with character and energy. The text is slightly longer than that of a standard picture book, and any child in Key Stage 1 would love to have this read to them.

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