The Worst Class in the World Dares You!

Publisher: Bloomsbury Children’s Books

This is the third book in a hilarious series about the disorderly pupils of Class 4B, labelled 'the worst class in the world' by their brusque headteacher, Mrs Bottomley-Blunt. It features two side-splittingly funny short stories, which will delight mischievous children, and strike fear into all teachers.

Determined to avoid Tuesday's maths test, Class 4B are thrilled to learn that the school has a nit epidemic and devise a foolproof plan to infect themselves so they will be sent home. The second story sees the arrival of new girl, Bridget Pickersgill, who introduces her classmates to the concept of dares, challenging them to undertake some truly revolting tasks, with riotous results.

There are lots of repeated phrases to engage the reader, and the capitalisation of particular words emphasises key elements of the text, making it a fun book to read. With well-spaced text and entertaining black-and-white illustrations, which inject much hilarity into the riotous tales, it is ideal for young, independent readers. A list of the 125 school rules is printed in full at the end, along with a quiz for children to see if they have what it takes to be an honorary member of Class 4B.

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