The Winter Place

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Ltd

Tess and Axel are enchanted and bewildered by the sudden appearance of a bear in their garden. This stunning event falls on the same day as a dark tragedy turns their home life upside down.

Forced to relocate to Finland with grandparents they've never met, Tess is determined to find a way back to their home. While Axel - struggling with a failing body and battling ever-stronger hallucinations - has a different journey in mind.

Adamant that a bear and mysterious stranger are connected to his family's story, he sets out into the snow and ice.

As mysterious and changeable as the landscape around them, Tess and Axel's story is part family drama, part folklore fantasy. It's certainly original.

While the winter scenery is vivid, it's the descriptions of life in Finland that feel most like another world. A unique story that will strike a chord with those looking to escape.

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