The Wild Way Home

Publisher: Bloomsbury

When Charlie’s longed-for baby brother is born with a serious heart condition, Charlie is so distressed that he runs away from the hospital and seeks refuge in the tranquillity of the nearby forest.

What he finds is not the peace he was hoping for but a strangely dressed boy lying face down in a shallow part of the river. Although the boy is alive, he needs medical attention. But when Charlie tries to go for help, he finds the forest has changed into something more wild and threatening.

And the roads and hospital that should be close by have disappeared completely. Somehow, Charlie has fallen into the Stone Age. Can he survive? Can he save the injured boy? And will he ever make it back to his own home and time?

This multi-layered time-slip adventure is both thrilling and moving. In the midst of life-threatening danger from wild beasts and environmental hazards, Charlie unexpectedly learns about his fears, his courage, his compassion and the importance of family and love.

A perfect story to show how, when bad things happen, it’s OK to be scared but that most storms can be weathered with support from those who care about you.

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