The Wild Book

(1 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Publisher: Restless Books

When Juan's parents split up, he's sent to spend the summer with his uncle Tito – a reclusive soul who lives with three cats and more books than you could possibly imagine. So many, in fact, that Tito gives Juan a bell in case he gets lost in the labyrinthine library.

But things are about to get even stranger, as Tito discovers that Juan has a special gift and decides to set him on a very special quest...

This quirky tale – originally published in Mexico – is a delight, giving books a life of their own. Before long, you'll see your reading list in a whole new way, whether it's realising that your favourite book may seem completely different to someone else or wondering just how much of your energy the pages really do pick up.

The Wild Book has a classic, magical feel, but it's also grounded in reality, as we see Juan coming to terms with his parents' separation and his feelings for Catalina, the girl who works in the local pharmacy. And Tito is a wonderfully rich character, from his constant need to urinate to his obsession with creating literary recipes.

A must-read for book-lovers everywhere.

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