How to Catch a Witch

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Publisher: Scholastic Children’s Books

When 11-year-old Charlie and her family move to a creepy ramshackle cottage in a strange village, she is lonely and miserable. Not only does her stammer return, but she is convinced the cottage is haunted. She jokingly fantasises that she could use magic to fix her speech, so is more than a little surprised when she encounters Agatha, a retired witch.

Agatha is dismissive of Charlie's stutter, saying she must learn to accept it as part of her personality. Instead, she draws Charlie's attention to schoolmate Suzy, who will lose her angelic singing voice when she turns 17, unless the curse which was placed upon her as a baby is destroyed. Charlie feels compelled to help, and with support from an unexpected ally, her magical knowledge, skills and confidence increase - but will it be enough to overcome the dark magic?

This spooky tale about witchcraft and ancient traditions is an engaging combination of spells, potions, friendship and self-belief.

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