The Whisperling

Publisher: Puffin

Set in 1897, this spooky tale centres around twelve-year-old Peggy Devona, whose parents run an undertaking business on the outskirts of Bristol. Peggy is a Whisperling, someone who can speak to the dead. She is careful to hide her gift, as many folk are suspicious of such skills, particularly the vindictive vicar, Reverend Silas Tate.

Sally, Peggy’s outspoken best friend, is thrilled when she secures a job as lady’s maid to Lady Stanton. However, Peggy is distraught when she learns that Sally is accused of murdering her mistress. Determined to clear Sally’s name, Peggy knows she must speak to the spirits to uncover the truth, even though this will expose her as a Whisperling. Her quest takes her from Bristol to London, where she is drawn deeper into the shadowy spirit world and learns more about her Whisperling heritage. It is a desperate race against time, as if Peggy cannot prove her friend’s innocence, Sally will go to the gallows.

This compelling novel paints a vivid picture of the era. Readers will learn about the harsh conditions endured by Victorian workers, the merciless justice system and the popularity of psychic emporiums. A captivating and spine-tingling read.

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