The Way Past Winter

Publisher: Chicken House

Mila lives alone with her sisters and brother in a land of harsh winter, which started in the same year that her father disappeared. When her brother Oskar vanishes the morning after a strange man visits the house, Mila is convinced he didn’t just leave but was taken.

Mila sets upon a very dangerous journey with her little sister Pipa and her mysterious new friend Rune to discover the truth: a journey of discovery that leads them all the way to the frozen North.

This is the most lyrical of Kiran Millwood Hargrave’s three books (coming after Waterstone Children’s Book Prize winning The Girl of Ink and Stars and Blue Peter Book Award shortlisted The Island at the End of Everything) and the descriptions of the wintery landscape are breathtaking.

This has the feel of a beautiful modern-day fairytale, and is a thrilling adventure that will be perfect to read aloud on a cold winter's night.

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