The Velveteen Rabbit: Or How Toys Become Real

Publisher: Nosy Crow

Right from the start (1922), The Velveteen Rabbit has grabbed the hearts of families everywhere.

It's the story of a cheaply made toy rabbit, snubbed by the boy he was brought for, as well as other toys in the nursery. The wise Skin Horse tells him that toys become 'Real' only if they are loved and worn out enough.

Soon, Rabbit becomes Real - but what will happen when the time comes to be thrown away?

Children will feel sheer joy watching Rabbit become Real - a reminder to keep believing in magic and imagination and hope.

For parents and carers, there is another message here about time passing and watching children grow up and become Real people of their own.

This beautiful picture book captures all of those feelings, with soft, sumptuous illustrations that give Rabbit so many wonderful expressions, you really will believe he is alive.

On that note, warning: the final page may make you blub.

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