The Usborne Book of Night Time

Publisher: Usborne

At night time, when the sun goes down and the stars come out, does everything stop and go to sleep? The answer, of course, is no – the world is just as alive and active at night as it is during the day, and this gorgeously illustrated book gives readers a sneak peek into some of the things that take place around the world when darkness descends.

You can probably name quite a few creatures that come out in the dark, like foxes and owls, but do you know about clouded leopards, tarsiers and the Quantula Striata snail? The rafflesia flower only blooms at night, corals only make new coral at night, and there are even glow-in-the-dark mushrooms.

Each page provides a different night time setting to investigate, with little facts and details to pore over, giving readers an immersive experience of the night time world and lots of topics to talk about. There are wild habitats, from the ocean and the forest to the Australian outback, and plenty of human habitats to explore too: busy factories and ports that keep working through the night, vehicles that drive on whatever the hour. People say the city never sleeps – and it’s true!

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