The Unbelievable Biscuit Factory

Publisher: Hodder Children's Books

Haddie and her friends and bandmates George and Naomi live in Normalton. Normalton is a totally normal town with a biscuit factory in it, which is 100% NOT a super-secret science lab. Whenever strange things happen – which they don’t – everyone ignores them because that is what they do. Everyone except Haddie.

After the band play their loud and amazing new song ‘Alpaca Waka Waka’, suddenly there’s a huge orange fluffy monster on the roof of the community centre. Womwomwom. And another. Womwomwom. And another.

With the whole town pretending everything is fine, while being squashed by orange monsters, it’s up to Haddie, her bandmates and a rabbit disguised as a man to close the orange-monster portal and save the world. So begins an adventure involving hovering skateboards, cool guitars and not a single biscuit. Well, maybe one. Woah yeah!

Funny, fast-moving, fabooly – this is a hugely enjoyable read. Plus, underlying the silliness is an important message about listening to your friends, rather than making them do what you want to do. There’s even a flip art illustration of a rabbit popping up in different places on the page – despite everything in this book being completely normal.

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