The Turkey That Voted for Christmas

Publisher: Oxford

The animals of Pear Tree Farm are so committed to democracy that they vote on most things: who makes the best cakes and who the best dancer is. But when all the turkeys (perhaps understandably) vote NO to Christmas, Timmy the turkey launches a pro-Christmas campaign.

Even though the turkey family are pretty definite that they're anti-Christmas, Uncle Bernard feels bad for Timmy and switches sides at the last minute. But will it be enough to prompt a victory for Christmas? And, if so, who is going to be talking turkey – and who is eating humble pie?

An unusually political book about voting, family politics and turkey-eating, there's plenty in this charming picture book to appeal to little listeners as well as make grown-ups smile. The moral of the story is that sometimes it's worth listening to another point of view, especially for grown-ups who might be prone to sticking to their guns, no matter what. The jokes in the background ('Turn NO, NO, NO into HO, HO, HO', for instance) will also appeal to fans of Elys Dolan's zany sense of humour.

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