The Train to Impossible Places: The Great Brain Robbery

Publisher: Usborne

Suzy can hardly contain her excitement when she receives a magical invitation to return to Trollville and be an official member of the team aboard the Impossible Postal Express. And when her old friend Fletch turns up right on time in the cupboard under the stairs, she is packed and raring to go.

But her excitement turns to concern when she finds out that Trollville is in trouble and that a series of increasingly violent tremors are putting the city, and all its inhabitants, in grave danger. And so begins a race against time that takes Suzy from the magical Cloud Forge all the way to the Uncanny Valley – but will she be too late to save the creatures she now thinks of as friends?

The second book in a series of fantasy adventures, this fun story is set in a world that defies the laws of gravity – and most other laws of physics, too! Populated by trolls, thunder dragons and practitioners of magic made from spellclouds, the plot is a riotous trip from one impossible place to another, as Suzy tries to track down the dastardly mastermind threatening Trollville’s existence.

Packed with descriptive detail, this is one for committed readers and, as knowledge of earlier events will enhance enjoyment, should definitely be read in the correct place in the series.

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