The Tindims of Rubbish Island

Publisher: Zephyr

The Tindims are tiny people who live on a floating island in the middle of the ocean. With their motto of ‘rubbish today is treasure tomorrow’, they collect litter from the sea, which they transform into anything and everything, from driftwood tables to plastic cup chairs. However, even the resourceful Tindims are struggling to cope with the vast quantities of plastic bottles they salvage from the waves.

After drifting into icy waters, the Tindims are keen to escape the snow for warmer climes, in time for the annual Brightsea Festival, when they give thanks to the ocean for providing them with treasures. Unfortunately, Bottle Mountain, which is constructed entirely from plastic bottles, is now so enormous that Captain Spoons cannot see beyond it to steer the island. The Tindims must work together to find a solution before it is too late. 

Combining eccentric characters, short chapters and lively illustrations, this delightful new series from a talented mother-daughter team is ideal for confident, independent readers. Full of joy and laughter, this quirky adventure also carries an important environmental message about waste, pollution and recycling.

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