The Story of Babar

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Publisher: Farshore

' In the great forest, a litle elephant was born. His name was Babar...'

First published in the 1930s, this charming French classic tells the story of what happens to baby elephant Babar as he grows up. When his mother is shot by cruel hunters, a grief-stricken Babar leaves the forest and wanders to a nearby town. There, he is taken under the wing of a rich old lady, who dresses him elegantly. He learns mathematics and to drive a car - and even sleeps in a bed. But before long, he misses his fellow elephants, and soon he returns to the jungle,where he is crowned king of the elephants and marries his queen, Celeste.

With beautifully distinctive illustrations from Jean de Brunhoff, a sometimes surreal and sometimes moving story, and a loveable hero in the dignified Babar himself, The Story of Babar remains a firm favourite with children.

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