The Story of a Seagull and the Cat Who Taught her to Fly

Publisher: Alma Books

Zorba the port cat is given a task of the utmost importance when he meets an oil-soaked gull, fighting for her life. She passes over her last egg, making him promise to keep the baby safe and then teach it to fly.

Zorba doesn't know how a cat can teach a bird to fly, but with the help of some port cat friends, an encyclopaedia and a poet, Zorba fulfils his promise.

The baby gull, named Lucky, is saved by the surprising love of this loyal cat - and all the animals learn to appreciate and respect those who are different from themselves.

Luis Sepulveda's fable-like story is an international bestseller, and this translation, with illustrations from Japanese artists Satoshi Kitamura, makes an appealing little package.

The themes of the novel cover culture, acceptance, loyalty and finding a family, and the story feels diverse and inclusive. There is also an eco-warning, which adds a political element to this unique little novel.

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