The Spectacular Suit

Publisher: Scribble

Frankie is having a big party and she’s really excited about it: there’s a tent, bunting, lights and a big blue cake. But on the day before the party, Frankie realises that she doesn’t want to wear any of the dresses her mum suggests, and not even her favourite jumper will fit the bill.

Secretly, Frankie draws a spectacular suit – with lightning bolts, stars and swagger. But where will she get such a thing? She persuades herself that it can’t be done, and feels sad.

Luckily, Mum finds Frankie’s drawing and makes Frankie the spectacular suit of her dreams, meaning that she looks just as wonderful at her party as she feels inside.

This is an empowering and reassuring story of a child who (possibly) feels that she doesn’t fit into a traditional gender role, and the ways that her family support her in a positive way. The story never specifically mentions gender identity, and it could certainly also be read as a generally supportive story about children being themselves and not being forced to be a certain way by their families – a message relevant for all. Either way, what could have been an anxious occasion for Frankie becomes a lovely time in which she can relax and have fun – the perfect ending to the story.

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