The Snowman and the Sun

Publisher: Tiny Owl

Told from a snowman’s perspective, this unusual wintery tale explores the water cycle, the continuous journey water takes from land to sky and back again. As the snowman looks up into the sky, he admires the bright sun, whose rays warm him, causing him to melt. He transforms into water, then eventually evaporates and rises into the air to join the clouds. As the temperature drops, he gradually turns back into snow, gently drifting to the ground, ready to be formed into a snowman once more.

Children are sure to enjoy following the snowman’s journey, and many will take comfort from the idea that, although he has seemingly disappeared, his essence lives on. A cool colour palette and quirky illustrations provide a charming visual accompaniment to this accessible tale, which is ideal to share with inquisitive children to discuss topics such as weather, seasons and science. On a deeper level, it could also be used as a springboard to explore concepts of change, birth and death, as well as the ephemeral nature of life and the environment.

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