The Snow Girl

Publisher: Usborne

Tasha and her parents move to the mountains to take care of Grandpa and his farm. When winter arrives, Tasha is delighted to see snow for the first time, and quickly sets to work sculpting a snow girl. Tasha wishes the girl was real, as she finds it difficult to make friends and is desperately lonely. Incredibly, the snow girl, Alyana, comes to life and whisks Tasha away on exciting moonlit adventures, night after night. When Alyana explains that she will disappear with the arrival of spring, Tasha makes a wish that the winter will last forever, as cannot bear the thought being alone again.

As the harsh weather conditions worsen, Grandpa falls gravely ill, but the doctor cannot reach him through the snow. Tasha knows that she must ask Alyana to bring winter to an end, but will this mean she will lose her only friend forever?

Beautifully written, this is an enchanting story about facing fears, reaching out to make new friends and knowing when to let go. The novel is interwoven with folk tales of snow spirits and enhanced by magical illustrations in wintry blue tones.

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