The Snatchabook

Publisher: Alison Green Books

One dark, dark night in Burrow Down/ A rabbit called Eliza Brown/ Found a book and settled down/ When a Snatchabook flew into town...

All the books in Burrow Down are disappearing! The bookshelves are empty and there are rumours of book thieves lurking under the animals' beds, stealing everyone's favourite books. Determined young rabbit Eliza Brown decides to confront the burglar and find out the truth about what he's up to - but when she meets the Snatchabook, he isn't quite what she was expecting.

This delightful picture book from husband-and-wife team Helen and Thomas Docherty is a real treat. The rhyming text is perfect for reading aloud, and children will love the beautifully soft, warm illustrations of the woodland creatures settling down in their burrows for a bedtime story. The charismatic little Snatchabook himself, who just wants someone to read to him, is certain to capture young readers' hearts. Celebrating all the joy of reading together, this is a wonderful book to share.

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