The Silver Sword

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Publisher: Random House

In the chaos of World War II, Ruth, Edek and Bronia are separated from their parents, and left alone to fend for themselves, hiding from the Nazis in the ruins of their city. But when they meet orphan Jan, who treasures a paperknife in the shape of a silver sword that he was given by an escaped prisoner of war, it becomes a powerful symbol of hope. The children realise that the escapee was their father, and the silver sword a message that he is alive and searching for them. Together with Jan they begin a dangerous journey across Europe to the safety of Switzerland where they hope to reunite with their parents.

This story of a courageous group of Polish children whose lives are torn apart by war is a true modern classic. Ian Seraillier's moving account of the hardships the children and endure, and the self-knowledge and maturity they gain through their ordeal will speak to young readers as powerfully now as it did on its publication in 1956.

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