The Secret Horses of Briar Hill

Publisher: Walker Books

It’s 1941 and Emmaline has been evacuated to Briar Hill Hospital in the British countryside, far away from the bombs and pretty much everything else. All the children at the hospital have what Emmaline calls the 'stillwaters' (tuberculosis) and are therefore under a strict quarantine.

However, being restricted to the hospital doesn’t stop Emmaline seeing mysterious, beautiful winged horses in the mirrors and behind glass. Are they a figment of Emmaline’s fevered imagination - or are the horses there to protect her and her friends?

There is a classic feel about Emmaline’s story, which is enhanced by Kate Greenaway award-winner Levi Pinfold’s stunning and delicate pencil illustrations. This is a magic-realist, bittersweet story about children in wartime. 

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