War Horse

Publisher: Farshore

When World War I begins, Albert is bereft when his father sells his horse Joey to the army. Joey is like a brother to Albert, so he decides that he too will sign up and find his horse so they can be together again.

Yet the war takes Joey and Albert to far ends of France where the war is being fought, and though Albert sees the horror of the trenches, he never gives up hope that he will find Joey again

A new picture book version of Michael Morpurgo’s classic children’s novel War Horse, this shortened, illustrated version is full of emotion and drama. We follow Albert and Joey’s journeys in World War I and see them finally reunited in an incredibly moving scene.

Tom Clohosy Cole’s artwork fills the book with the wide French fields – and, on some pages, the harrowing reality of the trenches and no man’s land. For these reasons and the subject matter, it’s a picture book very much suited to older primary readers who will have lots of questions about World War I and particularly the role that animals played in it.

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