The Sad Ghost Club 2

Publisher: Hodder

Socks, a sad ghost who previously had no friends, has found a kindred spirit in SG, another sad ghost they met at a high school party. After leaving posters advertising the Sad Ghost Club around town, Socks is shocked when they receive an email in response. They’d just got used to SG – and even having one friend, when you’re not used to having any, is pretty tiring.

When Rue joins the group, Socks feels even more left out, and when Rue and SG start to plan getting even more members of the Sad Ghost Club, Socks feels really anxious. But is pushing SG away really the best way to deal with things? And does Rue actually need Sad Ghost Club more than Socks thought?

The second instalment in Lize Meddings’ brilliant comic about anxious introverts and their attempts to band together, make friends and start to operate in the outside world is hugely appealing, especially for kids in secondary school who want a quick but cool read. Whoever we are, we can all relate to feeling left out sometimes, and Meddings really encapsulates those feelings as well as anxious behaviours very well, whilst offering gentle guidance about making friends and interacting with others.

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