The Rollercoaster Boy

(1 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Publisher: Scholastic

Todd's life is like a rollercoaster ride, with endless twists and turns, exacerbated by the unpredictable behaviour of his mentally ill father. Todd is anxious when Dad takes him and his little sister Laurie on a surprise holiday in the middle of the night. They arrive at the Paradise Hotel to find that it is rundown and virtually uninhabitable; Dad is so disappointed that he goes to bed and refuses to get up, so Todd and Laurie must fend for themselves.

They befriend Scout, daughter of the hotel owner, and Patrick, a young guest who is ignored by his workaholic father. Desperate to save her home, Scout believes her fortunes will change if she can solve the mysterious disappearance of her ancestor in 1955. She enlists the help of her new friends, but time is running out, as Scout's mum is coming under increasing pressure to sell the hotel to a ruthless property developer.

This is a wonderful, multi-layered story, with an intriguing plot, fabulous characters and plenty of humour. Readers will love trying to unravel the mystery of the missing woman and will be moved by the sensitive portrayal of the anxieties and pressures caused by mental illness.

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