The Rescue of Ravenwood

Publisher: Faber

Bea and Raffy live in Ravenwood, a house in the north of England surrounded by ancient woods, with a view of the sea. People have lived on this spot since the Iron Age. Most precious of all is a huge, old ash tree they’ve named Ygg, where they have a tree house.

But the summer they leave primary school, everything changes. First, a girl called Noa suddenly comes to stay, which is awkward, then Bea’s parents want to take her away, then Uncle Jack wants to sell his part of the house. Finally, even Ygg is under threat. The children must fight for what they love and for what’s important. But how can they do that while they’re being torn apart?

This story brilliantly explores what a home is, and what makes a family, using a ticking clock plot. Bea crosses Europe in a race against time, while Noa investigates the causes of a fire and Raffy uncovers long-held family secrets. The narrative is told from all three children’s perspectives, which deepens the emotions and makes the reader burn with the injustice of grown ups making all the decisions. A moving and compelling adventure with a classic feel. 

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