The Princess and the Pit Stop

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Publisher: Abrams

On the final lap of a turbo-charged car race, the Princess has to make a pit stop. According to her Fairy Godmother she is in last place and has no chance of winning so she might as well give up.

But this Princess is not a quitter so she puts on her most determined face, puts her foot down and skids out of the pits to try and leave her opponents, Little Bo Peep (and sheep), the Big Bad Wolf, the Gingerbread Man, knights, dragons and wicked witches (among others) grovelling in the dust!

Presented as a race commentary, the excitement builds rapidly in this anarchic tale of a feisty, indomitable young princess. With full-colour graphics in the style of a computer game or comic book, it’s the pictures that do much of the storytelling in a celebration of both girl power and horsepower.

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