The Princess and the Pee

Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children's Books

Princess Amma has a big imagination. It's almost as big as her Afro! She loves playing games with her mum, dad and Grandma Grace.

But at night time, her imagination causes big worries, because... she wets the bed. No matter what ridiculous remedy she tries, every morning her sheets are wet. Until Grandma Grace steps in. With kindness and love, she tells Amma that 'a little bit of pee will never come between you and me.' She knows that with time, and a lack of fuss, Amma will stop worrying, and her nights will be dry.

This gorgeous picture book is both reassuring and gently funny. The royal staff offer silly suggestions, while the loving family hover 'helpfully'. The illustration style is soft, and suffused with warmth and colour.

The fairy tale setting feels familiar yet is given a fresh twist, with a Black royal family and a focus on bedwetting. Many families have faced similar trials, so with its brilliant message that patience and love are the most important things in this situation, this is a delightful and practical read.

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