The Princess and the Pea

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Publisher: Puffin

Lauren Child's highly imaginative retelling of this well-known fairy tale is sure to become a new classic in its own right.

From the outset the experimental use of typography, set within Roccoco frames and gothic dropped capitals, promises a rich and unusually rewarding reading experience.

Using innovative techniques, Child recreates the whole fairy-tale world in miniature, from the painted panelled rooms (apparently made from old cornflake packets), to the elaborately dressed cut-out characters gorgeously attired in rich textile creations, set against the stunning backdrop of doll's house furniture, all beatuifully 'captured', or photographed in 3D, by acclaimed portrait photographer Polly Borland.

Told with warmth and humour, this version definitely has that 'certain something' that both the prince - and contemporary readers - are looking for.

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