The Pocket Chaotic

Publisher: Cicada

Alexander is a joey (a baby kangaroo) who loves living in his mum’s cosy and warm pouch - even though his sister Elly says he is too old for it!

There's one problem, though. Alexander’s mum is extremely messy and pops items into her pouch throughout the day, from felt-tips to broken necklaces to spatulas. Alexander cannot keep the space organised and even arranging items into alphabetical order doesn't work.

When a rotten banana lands on his head it’s the last straw and Alexander makes a big decision.

A book about becoming independent for the first time, The Pocket Chaotic acknowledges that there is a time when little ones start to feel that they need more than the cosy safety of home. Being snug in mum’s pocket is lovely for the little joey until he starts to get too big and need his own space – and mum needs a bit of space for her life, too.

This stylish book with a relatable story is a joy for children and adults alike. The beautiful illustrations use muted tones with pops of neon orange, mixing gentle watercolour and bold strokes. Each page features just a sentence or two, which are occasionally set out playfully across the page, adding fun and drama.

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