The Pirate Mums

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Billy’s family isn’t like everyone else’s, because his two mums are PIRATES! They’re always doing pirate-y things like singing sea shanties and decorating their house with anchors, which Billy finds MORTIFYING. So when Mummy and Mama volunteer to help on a class trip to the seaside, Billy is super embarrassed and makes them promise to be normal. Yet when lightning hits their ship and all the other adults don’t know what to do, Billy’s mums come to the rescue with their ingenious pirate know-how and steer the ship safely home.

This brilliantly fun story about a day out gone awry - and two seriously committed pirate mums - is a lovely book to read aloud, with a heart-warming message. It’s Mummy and Mama’s pirate-ness that Billy is embarrassed by, not the fact that he has two mums – but it’s precisely their difference to everyone else and their brilliant ideas that save the day. Brilliant.

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