The One Dollar Horse

Publisher: Orion Children's Books

Casey Blue lives with her father who has just got out of prison, in a tower block in Hackney, London. Despite her urban existence, Casey loves riding at a stable near her home and dreams of one day becoming an equestrian champion and riding at Badminton. When she and her father rescue a horse from the knacker's yard, Casey names him Storm Force and her dogged care and perseverance soon sees him transformed into a healthy and impressive thoroughbred.

Casey cannot believe her luck when a mysterious benefactor offers to sponsor her, making  her dream of riding at Badminton look like it might come true, however, Casey's journey to Badminton does not run smoothly…

Despite the urban setting of this novel, The One Dollar Horse is an old-fashioned pony story, complete with quaint dialogue and a likeable but innocent teenaged heroine.This is a gentle book which will hold particular appeal for horse-mad readers.

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