The Odyssey

Publisher: Puffin

Homer’s classic Greek tale, The Odyssey, is retold for a contemporary audience in this thrilling picture book for older readers.

King Odysseus is enjoying a contented life on Ithaca with his wife and baby son, when he receives a plea for help from King Menelaus, whose wife Helen has been kidnapped by Trojan prince, Paris. Odysseus gathers together a dozen boats and crew and sets off to attack Troy and rescue Helen.

The war rages on for ten long years, until Odysseus devises a cunning plan to defeat the Trojans. However, he is boastful over his victory, which angers Zeus, king of the Gods. Deciding to teach Odysseus a lesson, Zeus ensures his journey home is a long and treacherous one.

During the next ten years, Odysseus encounters many monstrous creatures, including a fierce one-eyed Cyclops and the beautiful Sirens, who lure sailors to their deaths with their enchanting song.

Not for the faint-hearted, this is an epic tale of gods and goddesses, violent battles and fearsome monsters. Combining cunning, bravery, treachery, love and revenge, it is a great introduction to Greek mythology for a young people, with bold collage illustrations that bring the grisly stories to life. 

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