The Night the Reindeer Saved Christmas

Publisher: Studio Press

It’s the night before Christmas, and Santa Claus is incredibly excited – he’s wrapped every present, got his red suit ready, and eaten all the mince pies. But disaster strikes – the rockets on the sleigh have exploded!

Mrs Claus has a brilliant idea – ask the animals that live at the north pole to help save Christmas. The bears are strong, but very sleepy… and the narwhals are brilliant at swimming, but the Christmas wrapping gets all wet. What Santa really needs is a helper who is strong, fast, who can fly, and who can go unseen…

This lovely story features stylish, full-page illustrations throughout, depicting a diverse Claus family and lots of adorable arctic critters. There’s also a clever twist – and a brilliant page of trivia about Santa’s famous reindeer and the antler-magic they use to fly at the end. A perfect bedtime story for Christmas Eve.

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