The Night Gardener

Publisher: Frances Lincoln

William looks out of his window in the orphanage on Grimloch Lane one day to find a commotion going on outside. When he gets down to the street, the sepia surroundings of the town have been transformed by a topiary owl, crafted by a mysterious person.

Soon, trees are turning into animals wherever William goes - cats, rabbits, and even a dragon, and the drab Grimloch Lane is being transformed into a magical place.

Then, one night, William finds the mysterious Night Gardener, who teaches him how to make Grimloch Lane beautiful forever.

This is a sumptuously illustrated, heart-warming tale of a sad town and a lonely orphan, both given new life by the kindness and skill of The Night Gardener. There is very little text, leaving the emotional impact to the gorgeous pictures, reminiscent of Levi Pinfold, Where the Wild Things Are and The Snowman. A beautiful, enchanting book with the feel of an instant classic.

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