The New Teacher

Publisher: Alma Books

A delightful little story that welcomes a fabulously eccentric character in the form of Miss Charlotte. She's a bit Mary Poppins, a bit Nurse Matilda, and a whole lot of fun. Children will delight in her unconventional methods and adult readers will be chuckling along, too.

Armed with her pet pebble Gertrude and her round floppy hat, Miss Charlotte, the new teacher, charms her unsuspecting class with a mix of common sense and absolute nonsense.

Miss Charlotte's timetable allows the children to condense all their compulsory lessons into a couple of hours of solid work in the morning, so they can spend the rest of the day having fun.

But Miss Charlotte is not exactly who she says - and when the teacher and parents find out, it's up to the class to step in and save her.

Tony Ross's brilliant illustrations will appeal to readers looking for something between Horrid Henry and David Walliams.

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