The New Football Coach

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Publisher: Alma Junior

Miss Charlotte has been recruited to coach the Black Duck Brook Football Club, but she's not quite what the children expected: tall and thin like an asparagus, she wears strange clothes and a huge hat a bit like a witch's, but with a round top instead of a pointy one. Still, as long as Miss Charlotte does her job better than ex-Army Colonel Reginald Robust, their rival team's coach, then they'll be okay.

But Miss Charlotte's methods are odd, to say the least, and the children balk initially at her ideas about learning to lose, talking to her special football Anatole, and her mysterious drink, smalalamiam. Yet Miss Charlotte is wise, and maybe her special methods will bring unusual rewards...

The third book in Dominique Demers' series about unusual and mysterious teachers, The New Football Coach is a quirky and warm-hearted story about doing your best, perfect for fans of Roald Dahl.

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