Rugby Academy

Publisher: Barrington Stoke

When football-mad Woody is forced to move to a boarding school that only plays rugby, he is so determined to hate it that he runs away on his first night.

After unexpected circumstances mean he has to return, Woody must decide whether to invest in a future where he plays rugby with a talented and ambitious team or stay in a sulk for the rest of the year.

Although the boarding-school setting will be unfamiliar to many readers, the experiences of Woody and his teammates, both on and off the pitch, will resonate with anyone who has played a team sport.

Skilful storytelling makes Rugby Academy an exciting read, even for non-sports fans, and will appeal to readers with a wide range of interests. Presented in a super-readable format, this bind-up of three stories, previously published as individual books, has a great cast of characters and important themes of friendship, family, commitment, determination and respect.

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