The More Monster

Publisher: Pavilion

On an island ruled by a greedy monster, islanders are forced to toil away in factories to create more and more things for the monster to consume: toys, TVs, food and clothes. Whatever the most fashionable and must-have things are, the monster wants them NOW.

Yet, one day, a small islander, working on a production line, starts to ask questions. Why does the monster control the island? Why does it want all these things, and what if things were different?

When the monster eats the small islander, though, it isn’t the gory end anyone might expect. It turns out that the monster is a machine – so, who is controlling the machine, and why? Luckily, the islanders have some experience in building things – and when everyone works together, great things can be accomplished.

This sophisticated picture book is definitely one for mid-primary school aged readers, or even older children, who can understand and discuss ideas of material possessions, consumerism and even how capitalism works. There are lots of other potential discussions to be had with children here, about politics and democracy, as well as work and money. A thought-provoking book.

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