The Miracle on Ebenezer Street

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Publisher: Puffin

George is visiting the Christmas fair with his Nana when he discovers a strange little shop selling magical items. Marley's Christmas Curiosities - strictly for children, and no adults allowed - is packed with carol-singing birds, jolly-making jam and belligerent bath bombs. Yet, right at the back of the shop, George finds a snow globe that contains a memory from his own life - when his mum was still alive.

That night, George and his Christmas-hating dad are taken on an adventure - with the help of the snow globe - to Christmas past, present and future. Will George's dad finally understand what life would look like with no Christmas? And can the whole family begin to feel joy again?

Catherine Doyle has written a beautiful, sensitive homage to Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol which explores the difficult aftermath of losing a parent. Like Scrooge in the original tale, George's dad can no longer believe in Christmas, or magic of any kind, because of his sorrow over the loss of his wife. But his coldness is deeply hurtful to his son, who misses his mother too, and needs more love than ever, not less.

Have no fear - there are plenty of funny moments too (George's cousin Clementine is a particular joy), resulting in a well-balanced, well-told Christmas story as heartwarming as you could wish for.

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