The Midnight Panther

Publisher: Templar Books

Panther is not like the other cats. He’s not golden like Lion, or dazzling like Leopard with her spots, or fearless like Tiger’s stripes. He hasn’t even been brave enough to climb to the tops of the trees. So off little Panther creeps into the rainforest and covers himself with feathers of all colours. Now he blazes bright as the sun, like Lion. But Wind says he doesn’t need them, and blows them off. Next Panther paints pollen stripes onto his dark fur. Now he’s bold like Tiger. But Rain washes the stripes away. Will Panther ever find his own beauty and strength?

A stunning book, full of magnificent, decorative artwork, with a powerful message: we are all glorious in our own way. Young children who look or feel different to their peers can take heart from this. We all need to find our personal strength.

Stylish and beautiful, this would be a wonderful gift book, and something to inspire primary school art classes.

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