The Magician’s Map

Publisher: Chicken House

Two years after rescuing their grandma from an enchanted box, Hedy and Spencer are back at Hoarder Hill House for the summer holidays and ready for a new adventure.

After a bit of persuasion, Grandpa John agrees to take them to the Fantastikhana – a festival of magic accessed through enchanted, underground tunnels where the greats of the wizarding world gather to swap ideas and celebrate new talent.

Before long, a mysterious map is flowing across Hedy’s skin like a tattoo and she has no choice but to follow it in search of Verdandi’s Loom – a miraculous artefact that can manipulate time. Something that a very bad person could use to do very, very bad things...

This is the second Hoarder Hill House adventure featuring Hedy, Spencer, a bear named Doug, a stag called Stan and an ethnically diverse extended family. The drama plays out in two distinct realms: each hides secrets, cryptic clues and dangers that aren’t always obvious, so the only way to succeed is through teamwork.

With imaginative world-building, a complex plot and moments of genuine peril, this is a fantasy adventure to keep readers on the edge of their seats.

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