The Lost Homework

Publisher: Child’s Play

Sonny lives on a Traveller community site with his family and he’s super excited because this weekend they’re going to a family wedding. There’s so much to prepare: the horse needs to be shoed, everyone has to get their outfits ready and the cart has to be cleaned because the bride and groom will ride in it!

Sonny is kept so busy by the preparations and the wedding itself that he doesn’t realise until too late that he’s lost his homework book. Disaster! Yet when he goes to school and tells everyone about the weekend, his kind teacher points out that he’s done plenty of learning in the course of his weekend: planning the route and calculating the journey time, performing on stage, sewing and painting and all manner of other things.

This smart, charming book is written by an author of Traveller heritage and it’s a delight to see this community represented in a children’s book, including authentic Traveller language and customs.

As well, there’s a lovely message here (which will also be of great interest to home schoolers) that as well as formal learning, we are always surrounded by informal learning opportunities. A wonderful read.

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