The Lost Book of Adventure

Publisher: Lincoln Children's Books

On a recent expedition to the Amazon, outdoor enthusiast Teddy Keen stumbled across a sealed metal container in a remote hut on the banks of the Jari River. Inside the box were tattered sketchbooks and survival notebooks by an unknown adventurer, full of details of their extraordinary adventures and escapes, expedition advice and survival methods.

The sketchbooks are attributed to an “Unknown Adventurer” who appears to have created a guide to adventuring for two young relatives, hoping to inspire them to explore hidden places around the globe. Restored and pieced together, the mysterious Unknown Adventurer’s notebooks are now available for everyone to share.

Featuring tales of peril and danger weaved with practical tips, children can discover how to camp in the wild, create their own rafts, make different types of shelters with what the environment provides, first aid and essential supplies in an explorer’s kit.

It’s extremely detailed and in-depth book that you can lose hours in, with magnificent illustrations highlighting the exotic Amazon and the beauty and importance of the natural world.

A treasure of a book for any enthusiastic adventurer and lover of the great outdoors.

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